Gianni Lanari

Head of the Psychological First Aid "Roma Est" 



The Psychological First Aid "Roma Est" was born on 25/12/2019, starting from the belief that a correct psychological help in a context of emergency is able to avoid the onset of a structured psychopathology

Mental disorders affect over a third of the European population every year and it is estimated that they will soon be the most common health problems

We offer professional psychological help in a short time, addressed to all types of users, in order to deal with crisis situations related to

anxiety, panic attacks, loneliness, internet addiction, social withdrawal (hikikomori), relationship problems, low self-esteem, sexual problems, cybersex addiction, violence and abuse, gender-based violence, mobbing, bullying, work-related problems, school problems, accidents and trauma, hyperactivity, disability and handicap, depression and mood disorders, addictions, eating and sleep disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, fears and phobias, love affairs, real bereavement, cancers and serious illnesses, coronavirus, problems related to covid, anger and stress management, adolescent problems, third age problems, family problems, LGBTQIA + problems (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and asexual people), stalking, relationship problems, pathological lying partner, dementia, narcissistic personality disorders, etc. 

Users approach to a service like ours when they are looking for a quality solution to their emotional emergency, in a short time and at a subsidized cost

Ours is a private service with a subsidized cost

In Italy, the intervention of our psychological emergency room has a cost of 30 euros

The paid amount is deductible as health fees

The head office of our psychological emergency room is located in the eastern area of Rome, in Piazza Sempronio Asellio 7 (subway stop A- "Giulio Agricola"). 

Hence the name "Roma Est". 

The network of collaborating psychologists has gradually developed along these years of activity. 

We currently have 402 collaborators, operating in all the Italian regions and in 24 foreign countries (United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Greece, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, India, Spain, Switzerland). 

The goal that unites everyone is to provide their contribution for the development of the culture of psychological well-being

If you are a psychologist or psychotherapist authorized to practice as freelance and aspire to collaborate in our initiative, send your curriculum vitae to:  

Your contribution will be useful. 

Health is not only physical, but also, and above all, psychic

We have the right to a greater psychological well-being culture, not only to make the population feel better, but we believe that investing in Psychology can save the communities.



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 quality psychological intervention during an emergency 

tel. +39 0622796355 




Piazza Sempronio Asellio 7 




Vat number: 06019411005 

Tel. +39 0622796355



The members of the network PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID "ROMA EST" project do not offer immediate care, support or advice for people in a suicide crisis.

For this type of emergency (or in any other case of EXTREME EMERGENCY) call numbers 118 or 112.

Each member of the network PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID "ROMA EST" contributes to the project in a fully autonomous manner and is therefore individually responsible - also from a legal point of view - for his own work.