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I am a Clinical Psychologist Registered in Italy (registrazione all Albo degli Psicologi della Puglia) and with experience in Australia and Tenerife, Spain. 

I obtain the Certificate as Youth and Mental First Aid instructor and two Masters in Clinical Psychology in Australia and in Tenerife, Spain.

Consecutively I know, in addition to Italian, English and Spanish almost like mother tongues as I lived between Australia and Spain for 15 years. 

I have experience and very good knowledge of how to deal with clients with different and serious pathologies, with patients with cognitive disabilities, problems of conduct, mental problems, with anxious depressive disorders, bipolarity and my Clinical thesis was about eating disorders.

I am also very competent in regard to marital and adolescent or parental problems.

I consider myself as very empathetic, patient and prone to listen and find solutions. 

I take my profession very seriously and I am very happy when see people improvements in their lives when they get the help they need. 

My areas of interest are:
Mental health issues 
Anxieties and depressive disorders 
Marital and family problems 
Problematic behaviors and Problems of conduct 
Adolescent issues 
Psychotic and bipolar behavior 
Cognitive issues 
Self esteem problems 

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We select freelance psychologists to be included as external collaborators in our international psychological first aid network already composed by 379 freelancers present in 24 countries  ( Italy, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Greece, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, India, Spain, Switzerland ). 

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The members of the network PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID "ROMA EST" project do not offer immediate care, support or advice for people in a suicide crisis.

For this type of emergency (or in any other case of EXTREME EMERGENCY) call numbers 118 or 112.

Each member of the network PSYCHOLOGICAL FIRST AID "ROMA EST" contributes to the project in a fully autonomous manner and is therefore individually responsible - also from a legal point of view - for his own work.