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ATOS method ®



The ATOS method was created as a result of the long-term work of the psychologist and psychotherapist Milenko Vlajkov. 

He smartly realized that relaxation techniques have very limited possibilities of application.

The ATOS method overcomes the limitations of relaxation techniques. 

It is a procedure that establishes the synchronization of psychophysical subsystems in the human organism, including physical and cognitive functions as well as emotional life.

The ATOS method is among the best and highly likely the most adequate procedure for reducing chronic stress. 

It can be used for work in smaller and larger groups in companies or individually in the prevention of burnout.

Every new activity in a company directly affects the work satisfaction and increases work motivation. 

As the ATOS method raises the level of alertness of those who apply it, the application of exercises will inevitably increase not only work satisfaction and work motivation, but also identification with the company and its goals.

Effects of the ATOS method:
- Entering the optimal state of consciousness
- Rationalization of the body's energy consumption
- Enhancing immunity
- Activating those resources that are needed for the next activity
- Faster personal development
- Sharpening of the senses
- Maintaining emotional stability and the effects of psychotherapy, and more.

The Atos method is a set of 6 exercises that are done over the course of 6 weeks.

With regular use, the effects listed above occur.

All exercises represent the learning of the techniques of the Athos method.

You can read more about the Atos method of Vlajkov in the book ATOS method by Milenko Vlajkov, published in 2022, at the Serbian Center for Rational Emotional and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Belgrade. ISBN 978-86-904494-0-8

Workshop duration: each workshop lasts 60 minutes.

Applications by phone: 0643704674 

Basic information about the training leader:



Kristina Karanović

master psychologist (psychotherapy) and certified practitioner of the Atos ® method, by the
Institute for Cognitive Management in Stuttgart.






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 l'intervento psicologico di qualità durante l'emergenza 

tel. +39 0622796355